Introductions: VG Midnight Cowboy

This is my new horse VG Midnight Cowboy. He just turned 4 in June 2023 and is from Van Gilder Arabians. I’m fortunate enough now to have two “VG” horses. Cowboy has three white socks while Jovi has four so even my husband can tell them apart!

Cowboy will still grow for another 4 years, at least through his 7th year. I expect that he will fully mature in the 14.2 to .3 range. I think that his name suits him quite well. He was born in the middle of the night and he arrived here last night in the middle of the night. I wanted a clean slate to train and start myself for my next endurance horse prospect. I love these CMK bred horses they have such wonderful dispositions and are so athletic. They are truly special and it is becoming increasingly difficult to find them as there are not as many being bred these days.

I’m really impressed with how calm and laid back this horse is. So far he has been taking everything in stride and staying totally cool and collected. He has been watching the llams with curiosity though they are timid and still haven’t come over to the fenceline. He is quite the foodie, and has a lovely floating trot.

I’m looking forward to getting to know Cowboy and start working with him. I will keep this album on FB updated with photos and videos so we can chronicle our progress:  VG Midnight Cowboy.

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