Introductions: Saint Croix

I had a hard time deciding between these two endurance prospects – VG Midnight Cowboy, and Saint Croix. So I got them both! Let me tell you guys about Saint Croix.

Saint Croix is an 8 year old grey gelding that is line bred Raffles that I was told about from my friend Robbi Pruitt. Robbi is a breeder in Oregon of CMK horses and had one of the mares in SC’s pedigree.

Saint Croix has not had much done with him because he was so small (around 14 hh), which was fine with me because I was looking for a smaller horse. He was allowed to grow up on a lot of acreage turned out. His feet are a little long but are overall in really great shape. I think he is probably a little under 14 hh but has more than enough spunk and athleticism that I think he’ll work well for me.

Once I saw his pedigree I knew I would like him as he has so many horses in his pedigree that were also in my horse Granite Chief+/’s pedigree. I love both the CMK and the Spanish (and also has some of the same Polish lines that Bo had), it is a fantastic combination! This horse reminds me of Chief in so many ways it is uncanny. Something inside was telling me that I shouldn’t pass on the opportunity to get this horse, even though I knew that VG Midnight Cowboy was my dream horse. Now I had two to choose from!

I imagine that I’ll come up with a barn name for Saint Croix once I get to know him. I’ve already been able to put him and Cowboy together and they are getting along famously. They became bonded during their long trailer here from Oregon yesterday.

I’ll add some video at the bottom of this post. I’ll get more once I can get these new boys turned out into a larger area. For now they are still settling in. Looks like I am going to have my hands full for awhile.

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