Horse sun protection

A few years ago I bought a tub of zinc oxide powde and have been using it ever since. I think this tub will last me a lifetime so ultimately the cost per application is very small. Of course, the price has nearly doubled, but what hasn’t?

The nice thing with the powder is that it can easily be mixed with something like vaseline so that it can be applied like Desitin. I have been using it with a beauty brush and tapping it on Jovi’s nose where his skin is pink under his white blaze. Now that I have two chestnuts they are both getting a daily beauty treatment when it is sunny!

I will also dab some zinc oxide powder on their pasterns if I see any pink skin. This really does work to keep the sun from cause sensitivity and so far (knocking on wood) Jovi has not had any sign of scratches in the two years that I have owned him.

I also use fly masks with the longer nose covers on them to help provide more sun protection. Jovi is used to his daily beauty treatments. Today was the first day that Cowboy had his nose powder puffed. He wasn’t quite sure about it but handled it well and I am sure in another week it will be old hat for him.

The tub that I am using is from Earthborn and it is a non-nao particle powder. It is currently on sale for 20% off at Amazon.